Heart Of America Motorcycle Enthusiasts 2011 Rally Motorcycle – 1923 Henderson

2011 Rally Motorcycle – 1923 Henderson

This is the first in a series of brief introductions on a few of the show bikes that you will be able to see at the 2011 HoAME Motorcycle Rally and Show.

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Recently, Nick Vedros, our acclaimed photographer shot images of Doug Rollert’s incredible 1923 Henderson for possible inclusion on our Rally poster.


Doug has fully restored this motorcycle to ‘jaw-dropping” excellence. In addition to the stunning visual full view, close inspection of individual parts offer a wealth of interest. Some details:

1. Doug could not stop talking about the hand painted pinstriping on the bike by a “zen-like” pinstriping master. The pinstriping was so exacting that the painter had to pause often to get in the right mental state to continue.

2. The ammeter was one of the hardest original parts to find. After many years searching, Doug was able to find a correct piece on e-bay.

3. The bike sports a Kansas motorcycle license plate that is correct for it’s original year. After searching for years for it, he finally procured one. A noted license plate collector indicated that it was only one of seven he has ever seen.

4. The front head-tube sports a Schwinn logo, The story of the relationship between Schwinn, Excelsior, and Henderson will be of interest to all vintage motorcycle enthusiasts


Be sure to attend the 2011 HoAME Motorcycle Rally and Show on June 5, 2011 to see this wonderful motorcycle in person!