Heart Of America Motorcycle Enthusiasts August 2016 Meeting Note – Jim Dominique presentation

August 2016 Meeting Note – Jim Dominique presentation

Jim Dominique spoke to group at our August, 2016 HoAME monthly meeting. Jim sparked the group’s interest relating his start and history in motorcycle endurance racing.

Jim started racing in 1985 (and joined HoAME shortly thereafter in 1986) and spoke of his long climb until eventually reaching podium positions.

The presentation and discussion of motorcycle endurance racing was fascinating to many of the HoAME members who are less familiar with this type of motorcycle racing. Jim briefly explained how these races which last four to six hours or more are run. Jim has raced in both the WERA and AHRMA motorcyle series.

In addition, Jim brought two race bikes he has race prepared for “show and tell”. Who knew that a method to switch from standard shifting to “GP” shifting could be done so that it is actually possible to switch for different rider preferences quickly in the same race? Jim’s SV650 has this shift setup and Jim demonstrated it and other bike facets for interested members after his presentation.