Heart Of America Motorcycle Enthusiasts Membership Application

Membership Application

HoAME Online Membership Application
Thank you for choosing to register online. Registering online requires you to pay via PayPal.

The online registration is easy. You will follow this process:
1. Fill out the registration form (this page). Note: you are required to check the waiver agreement checkbox indicating your agreement.
2. Upon submitting this form you will be taken to a new page showing your payment details to be sent to PayPal.
3. Upon submitting the payment details page, you will be taken to PayPal to complete your financial transaction. You can be confident in your financial transaction as the payment is made via PayPal on PayPal’s own site.
4. Please note that your registration is only complete after you have finished paying via PayPal.
Your information will be used for your membership directory entry.

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