Heart Of America Motorcycle Enthusiasts Next Meeting Weds. May 12th at 7:30

Next Meeting Weds. May 12th at 7:30

This is an exciting time of year for the club.  Sunshine and warm temperatures abound, and a spirit of renewal and hope fills our imaginations. 

We’re very close to our premier event of the year: the 2010 Vintage Bike Show.  Last year, over 2,000 people attended.  This year, we’re hopeful to match or even exceed that number.  The Rally Committee has worked their collective hearts out to make this our best promoted event ever.  This includes fliers, business cards, and posters created (pro bono) by a hot new advertising agency in Kansas City called Version, using images created by our very own member, Nick Vedros, a nationally renowned commercial photographer.  

The end result is art work of such caliber, that other clubs our size can only dream to reach such a level.  Tomorrow, our artwork will be displayed in The Pitch thanks to the tireless efforts of Shelley Minton.  Grab a copy and take a look.  Whether you’re a fan of The Pitch or not, it’s a cool publication in the eyes of many people, and our art work will fit right in.  The Rally Committee has created the strategy, created the tools, and put everything in place for this to be a great event.  The rest is up to us.  

At our next meeting  on the 12th of May, the Rally Committee will have more flyers and business cards.  We need your help to distribute these materials to as many riders as we can.  We should have  great pride for this remarkable vintage motorcycle show.  We have reports of people flying in from the East Coast, and the KC BMW club is wrapping up their annual national rally with a ride to our bike show.  We’ve built something quite special.  Stand with pride and tell your friends to tell their friends.

We also need more volunteers.  Please use the link below to sign yourself up, or at the very least sign up your family members.  Every hand is vital to making this event manageable.  Thank you for your help.  http://www.mysignup.com/junerally

 We have a great meeting coming up this month.  Much of the attention will focus on the Bike Show due to its proximity, but we will also have two special guests.  First, Barry Bunner of Shawnee Cycle Plaza will deliver a Dealer Member Minute and tell us a bit about how Shawnee Cycle got its start.  Secondly, Don Hamblin, President of the Kansas City BMW Motorcycle Club, will join us to tell us about their rally at La Cygne Lake the Friday and Saturday before the bike show.  Our event started as a rally years ago and evolved into the great vintage motorcycle show it is today.  However, I know many rides still miss the camaraderie and fellowship of the rally environment, so here’s a great opportunity to have both in the same weekend. 

Don and his members have heartily embraced the connection, and they are concluding their rally on Sunday with a ride to our bike show.  He’ll tell us a bit about the rally’s history and about some of the neat events they have planned for each day.

 Thank you for your time. 


Charles Miller
President HoAME