Heart Of America Motorcycle Enthusiasts Upcoming Ride: Kansas City Escape (July 25)

Upcoming Ride: Kansas City Escape (July 25)

Contributed by: Troy Harrison

The ride I’m leading is a day ride (not overnight), and will be slightly modified version of the “Kansas City Escape” route from RoadRunner magazine. It’s approximately 200 miles.

April (my wife) and I have done this ride before and it’s a lot of fun. It’s mostly 2-lane country roads with lots of turns and hills, and good scenery to keep it interesting, and not much traffic. All roads are paved; some do have potholes and so forth but are generally good.

The meet-up spot will be QuikTrip at K-7 just south of Cricket Wireless Amphitheater (formerly Sandstone). This will allow everyone to have full tanks and empty bladders before we go. Figure on meeting there are approximately 8:30 am, riders meeting at 8:45, and kickstands up at 9. I’ll have route maps and directions for everyone. We’ll ride the loop, with stops, and finish up at Kobi’s in Bonner Springs.

Let me know if you plan to ride with us!